About Bianca Prum

I’m a New York City-based journalist with a passion for food, fashion, and travel and experience in both print and online media.

My resume covers stints at Thrillist Media Group, Marie ClaireNew York magazine, and Business Insider, where I’ve sported multiple hats: managing editor, writer, editorial assistant, editor. A master’s in Journalism from NYU, where I focused on magazine writing and long-form features, got me started on this winding path.

Anything related to city life, global adventures, and quirky local characters piques my interest. Some of the stories I’ve most enjoyed include features on: an insect-eating artist; the rise, fall, and second coming of a local Williamsburg restaurant; the behind-the-scenes of an extreme-eating society; the business of modern matchmakers; a burgeoning hipster pastor; and the stars of Professional Bull-Riding.

When I’m back in Brooklyn, you’re likely to find me sipping a cocktail at a wood-paneled bar, stuffing my face at restaurants both trending and classic, or risking life and limb to snap the perfect Instagram.


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